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Energy Healing for Children and Teens Print E-mail

Svetlana helped my daughter overcome many barriers after just 2-3 treatments.

My daughter, now in her pre-teenage years, had recently developed various anxieties and behavior problems that impacted many aspects of her life: including school, after school activities and her relationships with her friends. Since she began receiving energy treatments, we have started to see steady progress even after just 2-3 treatments.

She managed to make steps and overcome many barriers at school, as well as in her relationships with others, and towards how she feels and her outlook every week looks better. Although we are doing treatments in addition to other ways of counseling, this complements other methods in a different way.

Most important is that my daughter has accepted treatments nicely as something that relaxes and helps her. This also has to do with Svetlana's great calmness, great approach with kids, and her love for helping others.

DZ, Feb 2012, Toronto

You are a parent of a challenging child …

Energy Healing for Children and Teens

As a parent, you may be feeling the frustration, guilt, pain, stress and anxiety of dealing with a child who is struggling with:

  • low-self esteem
  • acting out behaviors
  • aggression
  • has been diagnosed with ADD
  • has been diagnosed with a learning disability and is not improving
  • or is going through the teenage blues...

Help is available….

You can enjoy your child and your life again!

Often a multi-faceted approach which incorporates energy healing can help the best so that you can:

  • have a better relationship with your child
  • help your child become more relaxed and happy
  • have a “normal” family and feel empowered as a parent
  • see your child become more successful at school
  • see your child have a good group of friends and be loved by his peers
  • hear your child tell you they love you!

How can energy healing help your child?

Energy healing has been shown to be a gentle, natural and safe way to effectively work with children who have a variety of difficulties. It can help them:

  • feel calm, and relax
  • increase their creativity
  • build self-esteem
  • prolong their attention span
  • improve reading & learning skills
  • improve alertness, focus and energy
  • have more positive interactions with siblings,
    peers, and – parents
  • be happier

It works by bringing subtle but deep changes on all levels by removing tension and facilitating a healthy physical, mental and emotional balance. Combining Reiki and Quantum Touch®, treatments are deeply relaxing and grounding for children, bringing the healing on physical, mental and emotional levels, which improves their concentration, focus, and overall desire and motivation to learn. When children feel good about themselves, they become calmer and more centered. They also learn better and have more positive interactions with others around them.

If you would like to find out more about how energy healing can help your child in a natural and safe way, please contact Healing Sun.

Energy healing can help your child in a natural and safe way!